“Life Ain’t No Crystal Stare”

October 4, 2010

Langston Hughes had a poem called Mother to Son with the words  “life ain’t no crystal stair.” His poetry spoke figuratively of thriving in life, and climbing up to better situations, as in climbing a set of stairs, but not knowing what to expect along the way. But I’m certain, many others like myself can relate to the literal stare – the ability to look at, almost transparently.  Today I’m content with this reality, “life ain’t no crystal stare.” We can never no in whole what life has in store for us, but one thing’s always certain. We choose how we respond to life’s happenings.

I’m an avid planner, over-achiever many call me. And to that point, this usually works in my favor. But life is filled with planned outcomes, the unexpected and the unfathomable. The only constant reaction to each of these is Attitude. Attitude is the Response Tool that gets me through life, most often successfully. While I’d never pretend to be a future forecaster, I am 100% assured that how I choose to respond to life ultimately leads to my life’s effectiveness.

Life will never be perfect, not even for the most well-planned strategist. But, we can all learn to perfect our responses to life, starting with the “Attitude Response tool”, coined by me 🙂 Carry with you this truth today. No matter what happens to you in life, your Attitude will always outweigh life’s circumstantial happenings. Joy and living are choices we make daily. So no matter what your circumstances today, choose to respond Joyfully first. Then, prepare the necessary plan of action to get you closer to where you desire to be despite the temporary hiccup you may be facing.

Life is not perfect. So learn to perfect your responses to life. Love the space you are in today, and embrace every circumstance as a privilege to grow stronger, wiser, all together, better.

Always striving for Epitome – T Vincent


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