Certitude. What I KNOW for Sure

October 8, 2010

I woke up this morning with an inkling of doubt, almost to the point of confusion. I was presumptuous, boldly certain I knew a destined outcome…and I was wrong. This awareness of slight error tried to permeate my mind; that’s how uncertainty works. If u give a seat to doubt, it’ll want to be the navigator of you life.

If you ever wake up with a small sense of uncertainty, take peace in knowing whose at your Right Hand; whose on your team.  We all have purpose and undeniable truths or assurance, and no event, circumstance, and for certain no person, should ever be able to take this knowledge from us.

I had to step back into my right mind, remember all the events of my yesterday that I’ve already overcome, and then I had to get in sync with the deepest part of me and recover my certitude about myself, the essence of me, and my purpose.

I have learned that though perception can be some folks’ reality, it doesn’t have to be mine. When you know who you are, your worth, be determined to show yourself to others; not to let others’ premature opinions or single encounters make a false reputation for you.

I’ am no longer concerned with pleasing a particular group of people, as I rest in content with pleasing myself, and being all that I was created to be, everyday. Certitude. When you trust what you know about yourself, others have no choice but to fall in line. No [wo]man has the power to misuse you or your abilities without you first granting him your permission. Decide who you are and what you are worth today, before someone  else decides for you.

“striving for epitome” – Turqueya



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