Striving For Epitome

November 1, 2010

“Ah, but a man’s reach must extend beyond his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” These are the words a late English poet. Robert Browning.

For me, this quotation sums up life lived with purpose and infinite possibility… I call it, “striving for epitome.” Since it is true that [wo]man cannot achieve what she cannot first dream, and Man cannot have what he does not first see, then so it must be that in order to have something more to always strive for, the idea of greatness has to exceed more than life has already granted you.

Christians live by faith believing through their works that there is a heaven, higher than this earth, worth their obedience of the biblical principles. Extraordinaires live by this same creed for achievement, believing that there is always something more to learn and more to achieve, greater than what has already been possessed.

There is no free lunch in life. Nor is there any free dream. Each of us have to wake up with purpose in our hearts to live at maximums, not mediocrity. For if tomorrow’s heaven [achievement]  only comes by the work we exercise today, then I am 100% convicted that today must be done with diligence and urgency.For even if tomorrow admits the gifts of the unexpected, how well can it last if there is no room for it. Plan for success or successfully fail.

As long as there is something for me to strive for, there is a reason for me to live. But the day a woman has no dream, she has no will.


Striving for Epitome – Turqueya


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