GUIDANCE – Dancing with God

February 24, 2011

I used to believe I could do all things, but now I know this thought was a partial truth.

Have you ever studied the word, “guidance?” If you look at it closely, perhaps you can see what was revealed to me long ago. I see,

God, U and I Dance. No one makes it through this life alone, and whatever entity you believe in, you must know you hold some accountability for your beliefs. The accountability lies in obedience to your counselor.

I often hear the phrase, “God won’t put more on you than you can bear.” But last time I checked my belief principles, the choice of free will has always belonged to me.

So while God would not place burdens on me bigger than my abilities to handle, my personal choice of disobedience will, can and sometimes has.

Guidance from the spirit comes from our individual faith. In the corporate world guidance most often diffuses from higher positions such as bosses, CEOs, and directors of organizations. In life’s pursuits of happiness, though, we each need a Guidance Counselor, a mentor or leadership friend who loves us enough to keep us focused on our purpose and tells us the truth, no matter the consequences. An effective mentor is someone who has reached some heights we are still trying to attain. These people offer both educational wisdom and living experience.

Since I am a fleshly being filled with spirit, I have my most high counselor, who is not of this world, and I also have mentors (direct and indirect) that I refer to for guidance.

Life is a dance. But you’ll never learn the steps without a proper guide.

Guidance. God, U and I, we Dance.

“Striving for Epitome” – T.Vincent


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