Hello SELF, Nice to meet YOU

September 16, 2011

Confident. EMPOWERED. Self-Assured. So I thought. These are all words I would have used to describe my SELF, especially in my

early Twenties. But now, now that I am in my Thirties, I’m amazed and how many new Me’s I have met in my lifetime.

Life is about evolving. When u meet Evolving, he usually runs with his helpmate, Learning, who’s often accompanied with Mistakes. These three guys can be quite an adventure, or consequently an enduring punishment. My Thirties have introduced me to a constant cycle of evolution; there was nothing wrong with the old Mes, perse, but the new Mes show up — quite often – to prepare me for the FULL life ahead of me.

I believe each of us are who we need to be for the seasons we are in. And, as we open ourselves to growth, to love, we grow deeper within, where we get stages closer to our authentic selves, who we were born to be.

In my late Twenties I felt heavy. Physically and mentally heavy. Life was not wrong, but it simply was not all right. I had to work extra hard for recognition, which to me, validated my success. I tried not to offend others, often times, shrinking in self so that others could exist with me or ahead of me. I was a true People Pleaser – and a tired one! Life is a total drain when you live for others’ pleasure.  I was no longer sure of who I was. Who I wanted to be. How I would get there. I was starving to exist, to be self-expressed. And today I know this is quite common on the path to being AWAKENED. Being awakened is like dying to yourself, shedding your old ways, to adopt new ones that take you higher in your thinking and living.

As I embrace my Thirties, my lenses (perspective) are constantly changing. I’ve decided to put me first. I’m learning to fall in love with me, all over again, in a youthful manner. I’m not interested in quantitative friendships, but rather qualitative ones – with substance, unconditional love, and above all, total acceptance. I don’t want to look too deeply into anything outside of myself. Why you ask? Because I have too much work to do on me than I have time for; other people and things distract me from this progress. I stop to smell the roses. I like to be surprised like young children do. Life has become  simpler and more profound all at the same time. My old self – her habits, speech, and Mindset-have been changing. The hungrier I grow for truth, the more fearless I become in finding myself, and the more ruthless I become with my time and  inner circle; I have verified that who you keep in your intimate circle is a direct reflection of your life’s wealth, depth, meaning and passions.

My 2011 SELF showed up, open and available. Her energy is love, and she’s interested in all those who give love, in a healthy manner. She nurtures me. She forgives my past mistakes. She laughs at yesterday’s folly. She’s enthused about tomorrow’s promises. She lives through each today. And the best part, my SELF is totally happy being with me. We’re looking forward to doing miraculous things – starting with our SELF-transformation.

How many of you have taken the time to meet YOUR SELF? Slowed down enough to nourish YOUR needs. If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so Today. Right now. For the world won’t ever be complete until YOU show up!

“Hello Self,” I say with a smile.

She says, “Nice to meet YOU.”



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