Your Company is Your Business: Friendship Cuts

October 20, 2011

Have YOU ever felt like letting someone go and retracted the thought and said, ” maybe I’m being harsh.” Then another instance, and another happened, and so on. But, you were so used to excusing their past behaviors that you felt kind of silly for addressing this last instance–that when measured to past offenses you forgave, was really quite silly?

Let me tell you, I’ve been there, and I still revisit there from time to time, but this day, TODAY, I’m taking my Head Coach position back.

This is what I’ve concluded about Friendship: Everybody Can’t and Won’t make your team. You’re the Coach. Don’t be afraid to have folks “cut.” If they like, they can “try out again” after they acquire some Skills in your Language.

To some of you, this may sound harsh. And, it is your right to emote these feelings from my blog. However, truthfully speaking, when we All step out of fear, we know this is true.

If everybody were allowed to be in our Friendship Company, then there would really be no level of higher standards in life. We’d all be completely happen with each other, as we are — but the world is not there yet, and I’m personally OK with this.

I’ve realized that life is about evolution. Some friends evolve with you, while it’s necessary for others to be left behind. And yet, still others will be steps ahead of you, keeping you focused on your course, giving you tracks to follow. The best friends yet, those you may call “true friends” walk right beside you. They are honest, loving, encouraging, and tough. They tell you the truth, and cry with you about the truth, if and when needed. True Friends give you freedom to be, and as the saying goes, “The truth shall set you free.” Friends equal freedom.

I’m in a season where the higher I reach – which is the same as the deeper I grow, within — the more I notice mix-matched friendships, and as the Coach of Team Turqueya, I have to cut some folks. Sure, this can be painful. But I rather live in temporary pain with truth, then permanent damage and struggle.

Whenever you feel fearful to address interactions that you perceive as wrong or a misfit for who you truly are, know that its OK to still act with fear. Afterall, all things created in fear are unreal. Only when you are willing to tell the truth to yourself and others will you truly be set free.

Today’s the perfect day to free yourself from mix-matched teams– from fakes, haters, leaches, Pretenders, Enviers –you get the picture. The only team you belong on is Team YOU. And, you need the right teammates to win in love and life. And you know what, a second string team isn’t so bad, either. They give your lead players a break, when needed. 🙂

Cheers to Friendship, built on SOLID [true] ground.


Always Striving For Epitome – Turqueya


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