Occupy YOU before You Occupy Wall Street

November 2, 2011

Every day I wake up I have to give thanks for my Daily Bread – especially since the economic state shows no ability to turn itself around in the near future. Life can get you down if you watch the news and statistics of this country . Occupy Wall Street has been a close up view of the character of our country and her politics, but I refuse to be depressed. No. Instead, I choose to Occupy Me.

The thing about life is there will always be something to distract you from your focus. We have to learn to “mind our business.” No, I’m not suggesting that each person walk around oblivious to the conditions of our society. What I mean, however, is that we take time to work on ourselves. Worry about the conditions that your self is living with – this way, as troubles arise around you, you’ll be in a healthy and fit condition to affect positive change in the world in which you live.

When I was younger I read a quotation, “One cannot change the world.  He can only change himself to adopt to the world in which he lives.” I’m not certain who wrote this – but that’s germane to my point, anyway. The quotation has priority truth. It’s not that the world can’t be changed, but true indeed, in order to change the world, the individual wanting change has to start with herself. Before we are credible to help others, we must first help ourselves. Before you give to a neighbor, you must first ensure you have enough to share.

Life can be demanding and all to often I’ve witnessed – myself included – folks giving so much of themselves – their time, money, resources, that they were too burned out to take care of their own home front. I’m all for helping, but I’m also for self-prioritizing.

Take care of you so that you’ll have the energy and resources to also help your neighbor. Then the world. Sometimes too much focus on the big picture –  like the conditions of our country – can be overwhelming and depressing. Negative emotions  can easily drain your energy and send you into depression. To maintain the health of your mind you have to balance your thoughts out with positive energy. When we prioritize ourselves and nurture ourselves, we can wake up each day with gratitude, being grateful that our needs are met, and hopeful that soon enough the world will reach sufficiency as well.

Live in order. Take time for you. Take care of You. Then, offer your services to others. You’ll have better chances of helping another after you’ve first helped yourself.

Have you had your priorities out-of-order lately? Has your self nourishment been sidetracked by the world’s dilemmas? Let me know what you plan to do to Occupy YOU.



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