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Is Your Attitude Stealing Your Gratitude?

November 23, 2011

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the season’s appearance – especially in North Carolina. It gears me up for change. I enjoy the brisk walks on our unlimited greenways; letting my daughter collect the color-changing leaves, the coolness in the temperature. The overall freshness. Fall sets the tone for the new year. It kicks me into visionary thoughts of my near future. It helps me to prepare for CHANGE.

Fall is the pre-season to your succeeding year’s goals and objectives. We have to plan now next year, and the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to set things in perspective, if they were not already.  Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks. This holiday traditionally finds family, friends, and general kin folks in unity of mind – a mind of gratitude. It’s common to gather around the feast and orally express what you are thankful and grateful for. For those who’ve had a year in unison with their plans, this is easy. But what about those of us who feel like we are in a state of lack? It can be difficult to give thanks when you feel like life has been anything but gracious to you.

It’s no secret that we attract what we think about. So today, on the eve of our traditional U.S holiday of being thankful, I want to encourage us all to adopt the habits associated with this day, everyday. That habit is a gratitude mentality.

Wake up and give thanks for the nature’s resources – air, land, water, heat. Then give thanks for you – your heart beat, your health, your working ligaments.

Give thanks for your trials because you are still standing. Give thanks for support – from family, friends, and even strangers. It is grace that allows people to come into your life at such a time when you need them most.

Give thanks for all your life’s lessons. When we get to the core of each of them, it’s very common to find a blessing. At the least, it will be grace. An event happened that saved you from a more complicated event. In its greatest form, it could be the birth of your dreams.

I started my path as a motivational speaker and self-help writer as a direct result of the trials I’ve endured in my life, AND gained victory over.

Thanksgiving is habit to practice daily, as it will set the tone of your day and open space for more things to give thanks. I challenge myself and all of you to put on a new set of lenses. Habitually giving thanks today – with a genuine appreciation for all that exists – gravitates more greatness towards us. This works well with annual planning. If you see no blessings in what you have, how can you attract blessings tomorrow?

Don’t worry about the things you have not. They are coming. In due season. Work diligently for them, and trust they’ll arrive on time.

Don’t stress about old friends, materials or feelings that used to be connected to you. It’s true; you have to let go of the old to make room for the new.

Don’t be anxious about yourself, but be guided by the greater forces around you and in you.

“Blessed, fortunate, happy and prosperous are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be completely satisfied. ” This is what my favorite book promises.

CHANGE your lens.  Are you letting your attitude of lack interfere with your blessings by missing the gratitude in the lesson?

Perhaps you failed to see the  painful exemptions you were granted by enduring temporary setbacks. Is it possible all things are working for you – even that which you cannot see?

If you want a positive and prosperous tomorrow, you must adapt an attitude of gratitude.

Change your mind. It’ll change your life – and give you inner peace!

Today I’m devoted to moving with love – even to those things that have cost me something, because I trust it’s all working out for my good. This is my gratitude. What’s yours? Leave a post and share your gratitude with me.



SELF Belief: If You Don’t Believe, Who Will?

November 5, 2011

I love to motivate others, but this motivation first began with myself.
When I was young – a child filled with dreams, but often faced with adversity – I decided that Self Belief was the one gift I had to give myself. I concluded this:

“No one will ever believe in you nor for you more than you first believe in and for yourself.”

To date, I’m still not sure how I came up with such a positive affirmation, but it works. It worked then, and it’s still working now.

What we can attain in this world is at the disposal of our mind. That’s right. What you are capable of is secondary when it comes to what you believe you are capable of. Belief fuels motivation. If you believe for something strongly enough, you’ll keep it in your forethought. You start to visualize it. Feel it. Soon enough, you find yourself living it by playing it out moment-to-moment in your mind.

I’ve been there. In fact, I make it appoint to go there [to my dreams] daily.

Why? I like to keep a mental image of the life I deserve – the one I BELIEVE I will have – irregardless of what present moment circumstances look like.

Sure. I wake up with a task list of what I need to do each day. I work hard. I get things done the best I can with what I have. Then, I rest assured in my beliefs.

Naturally, I have some days of derailment. We all do. Failing up is a part of success. But I tell you this truth, “Whatever you let control your mind will control you.” (Carter G. Woodson). You have to know you are worth the birth of your dreams. You have to get energized about your desired purpose.

People around you can feel your energy. If you have fear, they’ll feel your fear. If you have anger, they feel your anger. Conversely, if you have Self Belief, and a defined level of certitude about who you are, people feel this – and they feed off  it. Energy is an attraction (or repellant) magnet.

What do you belief about and for yourself? Before you answer, just know that You will never go (in life) any higher than you think.

As for me, I’m “striving for epitome.”



ATTITUDE: It’s not what happened, It’s how you REACT

September 28, 2011

I woke up today feeling off – balanced. Anxious and Irritated. Then, as I gave thanks for my daily bread – as I always do – to the Almighty, my visual attention was drawn to the area above my work space, my inspirational wall. What I see is the popular quotation by the joy-filled, down-to-earth  renown Pastor Chuck Swindoll, regarding Attitude. In summation it reads:

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts…We have a CHOICE everyday regarding the attitude we embrace for that day…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

Chuck nailed it. The most prolific line, to me, being the last sentence. Sure, life happens – and hardly ever the way we power and control junkies command life to. So what is a lady to do? In my lesser self, it’s easy for me to become vulnerable to blaming. I blame life. I blame people. I blame the order of circumstances. And when this rant is over, I feel no better. Why, you may ask.  Because the Epitome of me (my higher self) knows that I am a co-creator of my life, and above any circumstance, my attitude lens – the way I choose to analyze life’s happenings – is the ultimate victor of my joy.

Life is not perfect. But we must all learn to perfect our responses to life, starting with the spiritual armor of our Attitude. Attitude is arguably the most powerful weapon any (wo)man possesses. And I agree with Mr. Swindoll, what makes this power tool so remarkable is our freedom to choose it, everyday.

If life were perfect, no one would ever gain wisdom. As we’d have nothing to learn. If life were perfect, very few would know gratitude, as we’d grow expectant of blessings and lose our strong need for grace and mercy. If life were perfect, this world would be even more Godless, that is “without Love” and we’d have no motivation to love each other, more or less ourselves.

I’ve learned to be grateful for the trials. Humble through the storms. Courageous when faced with defeat. All of these circumstances have transformed me into a greater being – moving me leaps closer to my highest self, my purpose for existing.

Don’t get stuck on the failures of life. Don’t stress over what’s not working. Trust that all things work out as they should, and be eager to learn the lesson(s) in the process.  Your Attitude  is an opportunity to share love with others. Use it wisely, as you are the one who has to live with its fruits.

If you missed the message, it’s simple. Let your attitude be synonymous to love. Feel the effects of your failed outcome, and respond with a graceful attitude.  This way, you’ll go to bed with joy, and greater chances at a better tomorrow.

Let’s reach our best together.

“Always striving for epitome.” – T.Vincent


“Life Ain’t No Crystal Stare”

October 4, 2010

Langston Hughes had a poem called Mother to Son with the words  “life ain’t no crystal stair.” His poetry spoke figuratively of thriving in life, and climbing up to better situations, as in climbing a set of stairs, but not knowing what to expect along the way. But I’m certain, many others like myself can relate to the literal stare – the ability to look at, almost transparently.  Today I’m content with this reality, “life ain’t no crystal stare.” We can never no in whole what life has in store for us, but one thing’s always certain. We choose how we respond to life’s happenings.

I’m an avid planner, over-achiever many call me. And to that point, this usually works in my favor. But life is filled with planned outcomes, the unexpected and the unfathomable. The only constant reaction to each of these is Attitude. Attitude is the Response Tool that gets me through life, most often successfully. While I’d never pretend to be a future forecaster, I am 100% assured that how I choose to respond to life ultimately leads to my life’s effectiveness.

Life will never be perfect, not even for the most well-planned strategist. But, we can all learn to perfect our responses to life, starting with the “Attitude Response tool”, coined by me 🙂 Carry with you this truth today. No matter what happens to you in life, your Attitude will always outweigh life’s circumstantial happenings. Joy and living are choices we make daily. So no matter what your circumstances today, choose to respond Joyfully first. Then, prepare the necessary plan of action to get you closer to where you desire to be despite the temporary hiccup you may be facing.

Life is not perfect. So learn to perfect your responses to life. Love the space you are in today, and embrace every circumstance as a privilege to grow stronger, wiser, all together, better.

Always striving for Epitome – T Vincent