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I Believe I Can Fly – Can U?

December 8, 2011

I Believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. 

If I can see it, than I can do it. 

If I Just Believe It, There’s nothing to it.  I Believe I can FLY! (R. Kelly)

These are the Lyrics I found myself playing, incessantly, last night.


Because I needed to digest this truth. I wanted motivation to move my own mountains.

Do YOU ever find yourself doubting your abilities? Have You recently had a moment where you wanted to move forward – but out of fear of failure – you shrunk back?

I hate to admit it, but I certainly have.

I doubted me.

That is, until I remembered Who I am and Whose I am. I am a Child of the Most High. The One who makes the Impossible  Possible. The One Who orders my steps and forces me to correct my mistakes.

Was that a little haughty? Well, I won’t apologize for truth. This attitude, this notion of invincibility is one we ALL must take up in order to reach our highest potential.

Life can be tough. And in preparation, just accept that it will be sometimes. These are moments to get grounded and centered. It’s in these moment’s You have to pull out your best self – if you don’t operate as such already. You have to know yourself. Know what you’re working with. Know Your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses.

Everything is about partnership. What your natural hands can’t do — but life commands you to do — you have a tool available to partner with. It’s a truth proven self-evident that we are equipped with all we need for living.  This tool may be access to a resource that can handle the task, or a friend that completes your strength. Your job is to trust that you are fully equipped to handle your dilemmas – either by natural ability or access to resources.

And let me also disclose that I have not mastered this art. I too, sometimes forget I have self power and access to resources, usually because I’m too prideful to admit I have a need outside of my natural ability.

Most of you can relate. We, when unwilling to speak on our needs go in hiding. We shrink back and pretend to not know there is a matter that requires our attention.

Marianne Williamson said, ” your playing small does not serve the world” and “there is nothing enlightened about shrinking back.”

I know this. You probably do, too. But still, for whatever reason, we do shrink back. We do play small.

For some odd reason, us human folks operate this way. We largely react in fear instead of living with love and truth. 

Some of us knowingly surround ourselves with people, thoughts and things that limit our Self Belief.  We like to have a reason to shrink back so that we don’t have the responsibility of proving our abilities to succeed. 

Reality Flash. We’ve lived in that darkness [shrinking back] too long. It’s about to be 2012. It’s time for us to start taking bold actions based on bold beliefs.

So Today, let us BOLDLY accept the challenge of striving to reach our personal perfection – for being all we were created to be. Let’s start a movement of SELF BELIEF. After all, the best way to persuade the world that you are an able body is to be an able body.

Are you an ABLE Body? Of course you are.

Can  YOU Do ALL Things? Of course You can – with a little inner strength.

I Believe You Can FLY. I Believe It’s Time To Try.

Simply put; I BELIEVE.

It’s plowing time. Time to dig up what hasn’t worked, shake up the soil so you can plant seeds that will grow RIGHT fruit – things in line with your purpose. Your Gift.

Do you Believe? Let me know what your Self Belief has you propelled to do differently — with your wings stretched as far as they can go (no shrinking back allowed) in 2012. Did I mention it’s plowing time?


Turqueya Vincent is a speaker, writer and consultant who studies the art of Self Leadership and Success. Her niche area is Self Belief and Positive Energy. Vincent believes in “striving for epitome” – that is to reach our personal best – and she is on a mission to enroll the world in adopting this belief  by tapping into our natural-born gifts and using them to service the world. Do you have an area of your life you need help stepping into power to overcome? If so, contact Turqueya for a consultation at


Are You Stuck in the Middle of Limiting Beliefs?

November 10, 2011

How do your friendship circles communicate with you? When asking the opinions of others — and most often when not — do you find yourself annoyed by the feedback others offer that generally limits the dreams and aspirations you have set for yourself? If you answered yes, you are not alone.

Society, unknowingly (which is unfortunate) are most commonly known as “naysayers.” Most people have limiting beliefs on what’s possible, simply based on their personal experiences. The fortunate truth of this matter is this; every person’s experience is only true to that person in the moment s/he experienced it. Many factors contribute to whether or not both a tangible outcome or conceptual idea are possible.

When you have people in your communication circle who are comfortable with you, often times they will offer you unsolicited advise, that is often dressed in negative connotations and the assumed “that’s not possible.” We each have to remember that facts are not the same as truth. That is to say just because an idea or situation didn’t work out for a comrade of yours does not mean that same thought or idea will not work out for you. Learn to trust yourself and go with your inner wisdom.

I’ve personally learned two practices regarding limiting beliefs from people whose opinions I trust:

1. Trust, but always verify. There is nothing wrong with looking deeper into a situation to verify the facts that have been presented to you. In fact, I’d call this wise spiritual practice.

2. Never tell anyone (not even yourself) that something is not possible. The truth of the matter is All things are possible — given the right tools, timing, and positioning. So share your experiences with others, minus your judgment of hypothesized outcomes.

The attitude to shield you in such a conversation is compassion. Know that most people who answer negatively have some pain associated with their personal failed event (because failure cannot be a person, it is only an event). Most likely this trusted friend of yours does not mean to be negative or limiting, he is simply stating the facts of his experience as universal truth – which is not in fact so.

Also, most of us are opinionated, and while entitled to our opinion, often forget to guard our tongues, thus speaking from emotion and allowing the entrance of negative beliefs from others.

My suggested resolve (along with the practices aforementioned) are to accept each others experiences as possible outcomes and feedback, still moving forward with your desires, having already weighed the consequences of all possible outcomes. Engage in conscious speech, weighing your words and how they will affect the person receiving your communication.

We all deserve to live. Unless you take risks and step outside of your normal comfort, you will never truly experience life. In the words of Henry Rand Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

I support you in releasing your fears and standing up for your dreams. At the end of the day, only you can live your life. So take heed to advice, but be willing to walk on your own. That is all 🙂


Are other people’s beliefs limiting your dreams? Or perhaps you are limiting others. I’d love to hear stories of you overcoming yourself or the beliefs of others. Share your comments with me.


SELF Belief: If You Don’t Believe, Who Will?

November 5, 2011

I love to motivate others, but this motivation first began with myself.
When I was young – a child filled with dreams, but often faced with adversity – I decided that Self Belief was the one gift I had to give myself. I concluded this:

“No one will ever believe in you nor for you more than you first believe in and for yourself.”

To date, I’m still not sure how I came up with such a positive affirmation, but it works. It worked then, and it’s still working now.

What we can attain in this world is at the disposal of our mind. That’s right. What you are capable of is secondary when it comes to what you believe you are capable of. Belief fuels motivation. If you believe for something strongly enough, you’ll keep it in your forethought. You start to visualize it. Feel it. Soon enough, you find yourself living it by playing it out moment-to-moment in your mind.

I’ve been there. In fact, I make it appoint to go there [to my dreams] daily.

Why? I like to keep a mental image of the life I deserve – the one I BELIEVE I will have – irregardless of what present moment circumstances look like.

Sure. I wake up with a task list of what I need to do each day. I work hard. I get things done the best I can with what I have. Then, I rest assured in my beliefs.

Naturally, I have some days of derailment. We all do. Failing up is a part of success. But I tell you this truth, “Whatever you let control your mind will control you.” (Carter G. Woodson). You have to know you are worth the birth of your dreams. You have to get energized about your desired purpose.

People around you can feel your energy. If you have fear, they’ll feel your fear. If you have anger, they feel your anger. Conversely, if you have Self Belief, and a defined level of certitude about who you are, people feel this – and they feed off  it. Energy is an attraction (or repellant) magnet.

What do you belief about and for yourself? Before you answer, just know that You will never go (in life) any higher than you think.

As for me, I’m “striving for epitome.”